Ella Gould

Fine oil portrait artist

Hi, I’m Ella and I’m a fine artist from south west England. Oil Painting allows me to capture personalities with stunning details, which is why I specialise in portraiture, whether that’s people, pets or other animals. Creating gorgeous paintings as personal projects and as commissions brings me so much joy, and I’ve managed to bring many recipients such joy too. I am a contemporary realism artist, so I love to capture subjects with perfect likeness whist keeping my personal style prevalent. Animals have always been a huge part of my life, as I’ve always grown up with them and turned vegetarian at the age of 7 (after finding out meat came from animals!). This means I particularly love to capture your pets’ little personalities on canvases.

“Wow Ella, this brought tears to my families eyes. You have created something that will be proudly displayed in the family home forever. The accuracy of the chair and blue background is also perfect. We appreciate the time and care you have put into this.  And the packaging as well.” Miles